Thursday, July 17, 2008

And more again

Amy amd Hannah

I wanted to develop the participatory learning theme a little more from what Michele talked about and also with reference to Julia’s keynote. In their work both explore the blurring of boundaries between consumer and producer, actually the distinction gets so meaningless that participation seems a far better description. There’s also some really interesting identity work going on. First it is about getting noticed and this is achieved by inviting comments, making alliances and forging networks. The participatory identity involves what I call recruiting work (that’s what Facebook gets you to do so well). Then this is harvested by getting ratings, hits, comments and massaging your online ranking and reputation. But next, what happens seems really interesting. The group seems to generate its own discourse and measures of appreciation. I know the phrase is loaded, but the success criteria get hammered out and expertise gets defined. Particularly in Flick, but also in AMV there are some pretty complex relationships between online space and physical space, and between participants’ identities in both realms. That recursive interplay creates a chain of recontextualised meanings. The place in the photograph is seen differently in RL and then played back into the Flickr world and so on. If you want to place these ramblings in context, there’s running notes in the everydayliteracies blog!

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