Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hive mood

dance stencil
Jonathan Harris and Sepandar Kamvar have designed this tool for searching blogs and plotting the frequency and location of certain words or phrases. They’re sponsored by a manufacturer of breath-freshening mints which seems to sum it all up - so they search for words that express emotion. Well this is love-lines which they say “illuminates the topography of the emotional landscape between love and hate, as experienced by countless normal humans keeping personal online journals.” In a way what comes up is completely trivial but yet also quite enticing. But it would be so much better if you could hyperlink to the source – that would satisfy our prying minds – particularly, I reckon, with the image view function. Wefeelfine is more sophisticated by all accounts and aims to capture hive mood swings, displaying them in different ways. This evening the application isn’t working. I hope they freshen up soon!

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