Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Word play/number play

If I was delivering a parcel to the Broomgrove Snooker Club, I'd be confused. Suppose the gate is locked and I ring the bell but there's no answer, how can I get past the gate to use the house door? Life's so confusing....thank goodness I'm not delivering a parcel. Anyway, Hannah sent me this, which is one of those tried and tested tricks with numbers. Two things interest me here - one is the way that it is visually presented and engaging to do (that's from someone who usually switches off when number problems are suggested), but the second thing is the subtle net-based viral marketing strategy. Here's 7-Up fully cognisant of the way in which people use work emails with links to entertain one another, subvert work routines and distract screen-workers from the tedium of data input and so on, branding their own product through these kinds of practices. (Ooops, I've done it myself, pointing you to this link!)

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