Sunday, September 10, 2006

Done, again

Cortija ventilation
BERA went very well. Our symposium (thanks to Julia's organisation) was well-attended and Vic was fab as a discussant!! It does strike me that what we might loosely describe as the "Sheffield group" has developed a distinctive emphasis, perhaps not yet explicit or theorized but clearly concerned with the interweaving of popular culture, digital texts and identity work in learning. Apart from singing our own praises, there was plenty of other good stuff. Jing Sheng and Mary Hamilton on Chinese children’s multiliteracies practices were fascinating Rachael Levy’s work on becoming a reader in a digital age is interesting, not least because of its use of innovative research tools.


Clare said...

Hey Guy, I am glad you are back. I am soooooo jealous that you are gisiting Newfoundland. Please say hi to Anne and Jennifer!
I want some photos if that is possible please!

Clare said...

Please have a gottle of geer on your gisit.

Kate said...

I like the idea of being the Sheffield Group.
I also like the ideas.
Do you think we should form something official?

Guy Merchant said...

Well, I've been talking with Jackie about it. I suppose it depends on whether we can all spend some time on pinning things down a bit more.