Monday, April 30, 2007


King's Oak
Today I was here, watching Jane at work with her class in the virtual world. The school’s a new build, but it’s not exactly a new design. Light and airy it may be, but it essentially works with the idea of classrooms hanging off a central corridor. On a separate note I learnt today that working alongside the Barbie Girls World featured here, there’s now news of the Barbie Girl MP3 player which will be available in the States in July. It has 512 MB of memory holding up to 120 MP3s and takes a memory card up to 2 GB. It’ll have a belt clip, and durable storage case. When the owner is out and about, she and her “best friends” sync their players and chat online using the Secret B chat feature. There are heavy restrictions - she can only use words approved and compiled in the database. Gradually these big companies are attempting to colonise and commercialise virtual space.

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