Monday, April 23, 2007

What's it for?

Where next with virtual worlds? There’s amazing potential here, and they’re springing up all over the place. Colin and Michele have this on Sony’s 3D virtual world. It’s called Home! Read more about it here. Colleagues are experimenting with the educational potential of Active Worlds for developing young children’s literacy, universities are buying land in Second Life - but we still hear the question, what’s it for? The same question is often asked of blogs and wikis. It’s tempting to say, social networking – you either get it or you don’t – but I reckon there’s a lot to be done to explore the possibilities, let alone the educational applications. On the other hand I can confidently say that MySpace is rapidly becoming the place for music trading. Here’s my daughter Ruth, here’s a link she sent me (French Movies), but I must say I prefer the inimitable Dimitri from Paris, with his wonderful ‘French’ lounge music.

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