Sunday, December 09, 2007


We decided to abandon the plan to stay at home last night and ventured into Sheffield to watch the Golden Compass which is a rather disappointing adaptation of the first volume of His Dark Materials. The CGI is good and the sets are pretty impressive, but in focusing on this you miss the depth of the narrative and the subtlety of character development. I also started wondering why these episodic fantasy quests have such enduring appeal...and was also struck by the simultaneous marketing of the PlaySation tie-in game.


Anonymous said...

If you squint at that photo it could be Steade Road... how strange!

Guy Merchant said...

Well, it's just another house with our stuff in it! But if you want strange, the nextdoor neighbour just called, we got talking and she asked if we'd looked carefully at the cellar. Apparently it used to be the entrance to a tunnel that leads up to the church - a quick exit for those being persecuted to seek sanctuary. She suggests we check it out with the local historian who lives in the cottage next to the pub. Promise to keep you posted...