Friday, December 28, 2007


leaves on the track
Feedmap is an add-on for your site which works as a feed to show people where you're blogging from (or more accurately, where you live)....and who else in the area is blogging (ie using feedmap). More and more of these sorts of things are becoming available - and that's interesting - but as for declaring my location to other bloggers, that doesn't really interest me. They either know or they don't! The last thing I want is some random blogger knocking on my door just to pass the time of day. I'd rather stick with friends.


Guy Merchant said...

PS Just spent 10 mins looking up who's on feedmap in my area...and that's good fun. Reminded me of the time when I used to push the 'next blog' button just to get a slice of life!

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It is an interesting concept. I got fun with the feed map.