Sunday, March 06, 2005


Apparently the tattoo is healing - more will be posted soon - but no pic today. And so, today being Sunday, we have a post of interesting fragments. From a Montreal conference here's a photo of a slide presentation: '5 lessons of folksonomies'™; and Susan Herzog, with a blog on scholars who blog; details of a Roy Harris book, which I have on order; and the original of DJfood'€™s audio history of cut-ups and remixes 'Raiding the Twentieth Century'€™, which can be downloaded here. Somewhere, about half way through, there'€™s a great section with William Burroughs intoning words of disembodied and disjointed wisdom in which he suggests that the random collage of cut-ups helps us to make the meanings we wanted to make all along, but didn'€™t know about until we'™d made them. A bit like this blog, then!

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