Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Property marks and street art

How many European potentates and noblemen have had their personal monograms decoratively incorporated into the architecture of their palaces, the wallpaper of their public and private rooms, the crockery of their dining rooms, or the uphosltery of their furniture? asks Roy Harris. Just respectable property marking; elite graffiti. I love it when words are released from pages and books (I first discovered this through the art of Ian Breakwell, who in the mid 1970s was constructing crazy chains of cut-out words). Atom's graffiti, above, is from Montana Color, and it's worth tuning into the Flash intro (they usually say skip this, but I often find it's the best bit). Then there's these guys who change graffiti into street art. It's out there, the word on the street is......

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