Friday, March 18, 2005

Pimp my shuffle: opportunity or risk?

The last month has seen publication of two large surveys of new media use. There's a lot in the Kaiser report about regulating consumption (Generation M: Media in the lives of 8-18 year-olds), but it's also interesting to see the rise of i-m, email and chat. The distinction between consuming screen media (TV, DVD, video, movies) and reading (print media, such as mags, newspapers and books) is problematic. We need more on onscreen/offscreen literacy practices in my opinion. Regulation and risk is threaded through the UKOnline work. The fourth report (Internet Literacy Among Children and Young People: Findings from the UK Children Go Online project is here) defines internet literacy in terms of access, understanding and creation. This is a helpful way of looking at things. The UK work shows increasingly levels of online interaction (email, online gaming, sms, and message boards).

Oh, and the picture now that Flickrs up and running - and what a worrying 24 hour absence that was - shows JimYounkin, AKA shuffle pimp, courtesy of Republica. Lovely... (or should I say tasteful?) it's the retro cordless version of an ipod shuffle. Watch the slideshow of this astonishing hack here. Is this an opportunity or a risk? Well, let's not wear these in front of the children!

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