Thursday, November 17, 2005

Another window

bathroom window

All day I’ve been wondering whether blogged research-thoughts, as a form of self textualisation, constitute a more valid subject position than the usual product of modernist narrators. In these sorts of posts (or on Blogtrax) we perform indeterminate, fragmented and multiple narratives of the self. These first-person narratives are a kind of life-writing (although to be truly post-modern we would need to interrogate and problematise the projected identities that are produced).

The difficulty in developing an authentic account of blogging seems to turn on the challenge to claim an authority which is acknowledged as a social construct and avoids a return to the pretense of impersonal objectivity. The problem is also one of applying a relatively stable analysis to fluid multivocalised and tightly interwoven texts…the camera looks out of the bathroom window. I think there must be a connection, or is it apophenia?

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Joolz said...

Hard to keep up with you Guy; am trying to work on our Miami paper at the moment and don't know whether to read or to write. These activities are even more blurred since starting this blogging business. That is an interesting thought in fact. Am reading the blogs in order to write about them. If you follow the links then lo and behold you are into reading again ... and not writing.
No wonder students are plagiarising more; the boundaries are becoming so blurred.