Thursday, November 10, 2005

A hungry man is an angry man

in my fridge

I don’t usually do politics on my blog, but I wanted to post on the Blair debacle. It seems patently clear to me that Blair’s foreign policy has laid us wide open to the threat of terrorism. If that’s what the Labour revolt is really about, then so much the better!

But, I also wanted to underline that unrest in Paris is derived from the failure of the French to acknowledge institutional racism. Michel deCerteau reflecting on social upheaval in Paris, 1968 came to see how difference and diversity were essential to a society’s vitality and power of invention. We seem to be slipping into a politics of polarization on both sides of the Channel. We do it differently, but maybe the end result is the same.

I wanted to post on politics, but found the inside of my fridge more interesting. Is this the end point of consumerism, or is it simply time to go shopping? The fridge’s door opens on another collection of random things – a what’s in my fridge meme. Interestingly, Nancy’s webzine also features collections – is that synchronicity ?

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Kate said...

Did you see the brilliant Guardian article today by the man who was made the subject of the Sun's front page supporting Blair's bill yesterday and turned out to be a media studies academic?
Brilliant but seriously problematic (in the way the newspapers used his story when he was himself anti Blair.