Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Open door

kitchen door open

OK, a bit more of the not-kitchen then. This destruction/construction event is caught on camera - and that’s today’s verb. Visually we ‘capture’ events in order, subsequently, to be captivated by them. Sometimes in celebrity discourse our central characters are ‘caught’ in unflattering or compromising circumstances, and of course this is what celebrity journalism specializes in. In this sense the photographer makes a coup…a scoop, a catch.

The verbal metaphors of ‘catching’ and ‘capturing’ add to our ideas about the photographer as detective, a recorder of undisputed reality and extend to the ways we see cameras as tools of surveillance. So much for the visual - words on the other hand describe different kinds of reality, from the detective’s notebook, to the journalists report, and the blogger’s thoughts. Ah, and it was so good to get comments yesterday from Princess Sally down under. Better than any celebrity and she takes good pictures too (particularly flip-flops on the beach)!


Joolz said...

I don't jmean to be rude but the kitchen is a bit untidy isn't it?

Guy Merchant said...

It's a complete mess!