Friday, November 25, 2005

Phone rage


I was interrupted whilst eating last night with a follow-up phone call from the University of Nottingham politely asking me to consider donating money. I hope my response was equally polite, but deep down there was a simmering experience of phone rage – my private space intruded upon, and the repeated requests to donate money really irritate me.

I thought I invented the term phone rage there and then but oh no, it appears it’s been around some time. Of course, there are many triggers for phone range. Some people just hate computerized phone systems – so, for example, here’s an American website list that helps you bypass the computerised system and talk to a human!

But from the other side of the fence, sometimes you wind up in a position when you’re on the front line, getting the flak – someone else’s phone range. Worry not, help is at hand:

"Phone rage is on the increase! So how can we control it? Understanding the causes of phone rage in your customers and using techniques to manage them is an essential requirement of any organisation."

Yes, this Capita training course gives you the skills you need to cope with other people’s phone range!

I heard a piece on the radio the other day where someone reported on their partner’s favourite approach to unsolicited tele-sales – not phone rage, but the gently-voiced question, ‘What are you wearing?’. Apparently it’s very effective! And, to conclude this is a totally different kind of phone rage altogether.


Joolz said...

Blimen cheek asking you for cash. Blimen blimen cheek. I would have phone rage very badly.

Guy Merchant said...

Of course I meant phone rage - not range! All goes to show how blog posting isn't carefully revise.