Sunday, December 18, 2005

Prince of pix

pics 'r' us

no, not prints just the small screen, of course, providing entertainment at the party I posted on Friday. Since then I’ve been resting up, messing about in the kitchen and yesterday took Ruth and my mother to the smelliest house I’ve ever visited, which belongs to a Siamese cat breeder in Chapeltown. It’s another world!

Cat breeders have to actively manage personal networks and affinity spaces and mostly seem to do this through landlines, websites, magazines and snail mail - but then I suppose the whole pet thing is about being tied to specific place (it smells: therefore it must be home territory).

So following on the Wellman stuff, I’ve been thinking about the social affordances of blogs. I’m working on a model that captures the idea of blogger-to–screen, screen-to-readers and reader(s)-to-screen (if that makes any sense). I also find the whole area of tools for managing contacts quite fascinating: maybe more on this later.

And here’s a link for the Penguin book mugs.


Joolz said...

I thought if this for Drkate but ran out of time.
What does this say about my contact management, I wonder?

Joolz said...

I mean 'of' not 'if'

Guy Merchant said...

Maybe on another occasion she'd like that but whisper because she might overhear shhhhh!