Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Today really


Today I’ve been reading this, kindly sent to me by this person to do a review for this! (English in Education). That’s hypertexting for you (although you probably chose your own reading path!). I’m still processing so many ideas from NRC, and have come to the conclusion most of them came up from informal interactions with excellent people like Michele, Angela, Barbara, and of course Julia – and many others, too.

I’m really interested in the overlapping identities of cyberspace and meatspace –Anya’s comments on my own textualised identity are really thought provoking. So, as ever, I keep on thinking about identity and social networks. Narratives of the self always interest me and I’ve been intrigued by some comments by Michele about distributed identities –similar I suppose to distributed narratives (link here).

Another take on the same theme is the issue of authenticity and blogging. When is a blog a fake blog or a ‘pretend’ blog? There’s an interesting discussion of this in an archived post I found. And then a couple of days back Danah Boyd posted on social networks and attention networks: another take, but somewhat inconclusive....still thinking.

And, welcome back to the blogosphere, Simply Clare!


Joolz said...

Oh no, where's the links??

Mary Plain said...

How kind of you to say I am kind to ask you to do a review! Enjoy the book...

Anya said...

Suuuuuch exciting stuff here Guy - wanna write something for the e-Learning journal about it? (My special guest edited issue is all about identity) Oh - after you've done your review for Mary Plain of course *grin*

Guy Merchant said...

I had problems with Blogger yesterday: my links didn't show up. Today they seem to: I'm confused whether it's Blogger or my machine - do they show for you?
drJ: oops!
MP: you are kind
Anya:I'd like to do that

Clare said...

Hello - yes I am back! Thanks for the welcome!

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