Friday, December 16, 2005

Queen of everything

Queen of everything

Maybe Angie is Queen of Everything, too – that is if you can indeed share that honour. Last night at Antibo’s she told me about some of the things she does and I reckon she qualifies! And, thank you Sarah for a lovely comment on Wednesday’s post that really develops the discussion about distributed networking across media.

But since it’s Friday, why not check out OddJapan. I mean what could be better than the Hello Kitty breath-checker – that’s an absolute winner, and I want one for Christmas!


Mary Plain said...

I love the Hello Kitty gadget and especially the bilingual nature of the description! Why English and Spanish, I speculate?

Joolz said...

Ha ha she is Queen of the mentors, mos definitely.

Guy Merchant said...

OddJapan is written by a Japanese-Argentinian woman, so that accounts for the bi/tricultural thing. Is the Queen of Mentoring bicultural, too, I wonder?

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