Friday, March 24, 2006

Broke it

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Rainy day, rain all day. Just a simple 9-5 clearing lots of admin. Seat-work, quite uninspiring, broke it up with a visit to the natatorium. Read this on social space for inspiration: "It is beyond dispute that relations of inclusion and exclusion, and of implication and explication, obtain in practical space as in spatial practice. ‘Human beings’ do not stand before, or amidst, social space; they do not relate to the space of society as they might to a picture, a show, or a mirror. They know that they have a space and that they are in this space. They do not merely enjoy a vision, a contemplation, a spectacle—for they act and situate themselves in space as active participants. They are accordingly situated in a series of enveloping levels each of which implies the others, and the sequence of which accounts for social practice." (Lefevbre, 1991:294)

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Anonymous said...

Hello Guy,
I like your blog,too! Reading your articles is also a practice for my reading ability.
I really wanna meet more British people as my age but I don't know how. Do you have any suggestion? I have a Brithish roomate but she is only 19...haha..