Wednesday, March 08, 2006

New school/old school


This is the classroom where Jackie used to teach Hannah (Ruth went there too). Funny it seemed such a new school then, but now it's the one they're knocking down. It was a great place then, I hope the "new build" will continue the tradition.

You’ve got to be brave to blog, and I reckon blogging in another language is doubly brave! So when Hsinwei (Vera) started up Psychedelic Land, without any prompting I just felt like celebrating. She writes: “I decided to do something new. That is having an English blog! All articles will be written in's a challenge for me...” (note we have another version of the blog manifesto here!). Well Hsinwei is TOP BLOG – it was going to be La Flaneuse - but I’ll wait till she’s through with her migraine. So the first “output” of the Blogtrax has reached final draft stage. We’ve agreed to keep up the metablog with anonymous postings. Watch these spaces for more.

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