Sunday, March 29, 2009


I think the Literacy and Identity Special Issue (of Literacy) is going to be really good. Victoria and I have been working hard, and we've got a good range of papers with a strong international feel to them. When that's done I have to turn full attention to the research on teens and social networking, but that's already shaping up nicely. On the other hand the digital literacies debate I've been blogging about ended up coming to nothing. Well by that I mean nothing for me, because work's firewall prevents me from accessing externally hosted Elluminate sessions. Not very digitally literate. But then I wasn't too upset, because I saw it was to be kicked off by two leading "edtech activists". Now there's a term to juggle with. What springs to mind? Fast-talking men? I don't know, I couldn't connect. But maybe I'll get another bite of the cherry; that or choose some other fruit.

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