Saturday, September 10, 2005

Cool hunter

Ruth in shades

Ruth is a natural born cool hunter, seeking out, even at an early age, the latest popular culture niche. Before Hello Kitty hit the UK we had to scour the malls of Singapore for products. How pleased she would have been to come across the Hello Kitty Visa Card (in gold or other colours)! After seeing these on Odd things from Japan my Lloyds credit card began to look decidedly drab.

[Warning: there is no intentional reference to pets in this posting]


Joolz said...

Marvellous marvellous you are the cool hunter ... I love the Hello Kitty cards, I love the web site and what a gorgeous looking girl is Ruth!
I like the intertextual ref:

Guy Merchant said...

Apophenia! I love the idea of being thought of as a coolhunter and I'm also very flattered that you think I'm so studious that I consult back postings! But I must confess that the intertextual reference is to Cayce Pollard the original cool hunter in Gibson's Pattern Recognition. But, hey, death of the author/ return of the reader!!!!