Saturday, September 03, 2005

Dogs, blogs and numbers too

It was late at night, but getting up there was surprisingly easy... after all, it needed brightening up!

A great couple of days with the ESRC seminar series core group … and now I’ve started thinking of grafitti as dangerous play ! Several different threads in the discussion prompted me to return to old links. So, on the contentious subject of grafitti picturesonwalls is always worth a visit. I talked with Rebekah about hyperlinked grafitti, and that’s here.

Printculture has this on becoming ‘taken over’…immersion, flow or obsession? We also had several conversations about the playful use of mobile technology. Back at home I remembered the Urban Tapestries work here and here (story cubes, also from Proboscis are interesting, too). And, if you’re interested in that and or different kinds of blogs, there’s the number 73 bus.

Finally, for Julia, there’s a quote from Jim Gee: ‘what people have an affinity with (or for) is not first and foremost the other people using the space, but the endeavour or interest around which the space is organised’.


Joolz said...

Yes yes this is so true and I did forget ... he says this clearly as a critique of Communities of practice and I forgot .. . And in fact I do agree that this is important. I think I forgot as there is also that other layer, which is that we also so often know the people involved in other ways too ... not just through the shared interest and not just through cyberspace. I think that maybe these other 'ways of knowing' mean that we need to theorise beyond just cyberspace... there is leakage.

Guy Merchant said...

Too true --- and even this is really a bit of leakage to a Blogtrax posting. I'm thinking about overlapping networks now.

Clare said...

Two things:
1. I wish I could remember what it was that I had forgotten
2. I have forgotten the second one.

Guy Merchant said...

STB!!!!wonderful! Here's Woody Allen: "In formulating any philosophy, the first question must always be: what can we know? That is what can we be sure we know ... or sure we know we knew it...if it is indeed knowable. Or have we simply forgotten it and are too embarrassed to say anything?"