Saturday, July 15, 2006

Un autre monde

Today I saw this, and for a moment RL and VL blended , and I could only walk in straight lines with arrow keys (we have a bandstand in the virtual world). I’m also starting to collect images, residential and industrial for the world, which is changing the way I’m looking at things. And because they need texture, I’m photographing walls, doors and windows straight on from about 4 feet away which in itself is a weird thing to do. So I'm no longer thinking that an audience might like the aesthetic or that I just might be doing something interesting - instead I'm thinking "will this be useful and could you photoshop it into the virtual city, and wouldn't it be cool to see my real house go virtual". I think I’ll call the set “Pieces for a Virtual World”. And I also read girlwonder today and a very interesting piece on a rather grim kind of civic participation in the wake of the Mumbai bombings. I don't know how this is all connected, but I suppose from a certain phenomenological point of view cohesion is ensured.

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