Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dogs or writing?

At last the article “Do you like dogs or writing” (Merchant, Dickinson, Burnett and Myers) is published in English in Education. As Dr Joolz observes this is not available electronically. I’ll put a link to the PDF in the next couple of days. Also the subtitle: children’s digital message exchange has a glaringly bad typo (childens*). OMG! I think I’ll become an avatar to hide any embarrassment – here’s the place to do just that. And if you like full on rock or grungy blues look out for Joe Bonamassa. It’s a bit of a retro sound, but if you’re in the mood, then why not.


Joolz said...

Yes .. AT LAST. That was written a-a-a--a-a-ages ago - evenbefore you went off on your thing last year.
I am glad it is out now but very unimpressed with how long it took.
Big shame re apostrophe.

Guy Merchant said...

I know its a year late! But, hey, it's out.