Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dogs/writing 2

fish 'n' chips
If you can't see the detail on the shutter picture, it's a classic of marker-pen annotation that says: "Please open all the time - thank you. You do the best chips". And here’s a PDF of the “Dogs and writing” piece that I promised earlier in the week. I’m now onto “Padlocking Literacies” which looks at digital literacy, Flickr and social networking. Then I’m going to revise the paper from my Canada presentation…and then there’s a book proposal to put together. Work hard get reward is a very basic Pavlovian-consumerist drive, but nonetheless I’ve decided I want one of these. Of course a way of subverting consumerism is to play – if you can’t afford your favourite i-Pod make one out of paper at this site.

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