Monday, October 30, 2006


lip balm front
Today, I closely examined a belated birthday gift from Ruth. Lip balm. But, packaging is everything and this really does take the biscuit. Peppermint Schnapps flavoured Mullet lip balm... (you can order it online). I took a photograph of it and then finished off 'Padlocking Literacies' which I'll put up a link to in the next xouple of days. Then I wrote up the review of Travel Notes. I concluded that: 'Pahl and Rowsell’s book is certainly value for money and provides a good introduction to some of the key themes and debates in literacy and literacy education. It is unlikely to attract the attention of many teachers, because of the way in which it foregrounds the theoretical, but it will be most useful to research students and those on Masters programmes. More than anything else it will provide a way of navigating the complex terrain of contemporary thinking in literacy at a time when that is certainly needed.' That'll be in English in Education - probably the Spring edition.


Kate said...

Gosh thanks for that Guy!
I will let Jennifer know.

Guy Merchant said...

My pleasure...yes, do. And BTW I have a present for you from Jennifer.