Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Yale (turquoise band)
I thought this was a pretty good picture, but now I’ve discovered Juliet Rose who makes these beautiful works out of everyday objects. Her work is ‘concerned with the mundane manufactured debris of what it is to be human.’ She explains how ‘I use objects that may easily be left behind or abandoned, but can equally become totems of emotional significance. Inspiration comes from testimonies, photographs and archival material from refugees, people who have had to leave their homes behind. These objects in some small way explain our individual 'human-ness' as well as our part in a larger society, the cement of our routine existence.’ She’ll be showing some of her work at the Air Gallery, Dover Street (Mayfair), 4th-9th December. I’m going to try to get along. And the link with yesterday’s post is….

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