Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mobile presence

On page 76 of ‘Travel Notes’, Colin and Michele present a typology of blogs. I notice that this blog is classed under Wunderkammer/ curio cabinets. That made me wonder whether a blog was necessarily that fixed, and whether indeed this blog would still fit there as it ages and changes. It seems to change its character and focus, but then maybe I’m the last person to really know… Anyway in the spirit of Wunderkammer, here’s an article about the development of a mobile phone with ‘presence’, that can learn about its user’s context. I quote: ‘The system will combine knowledge about where someone’s phone is with his calendar schedule so, for example, it can send incoming calls to voice mail when she’s in a conference. Eventually, the system may turn up her home heating system 10 minutes before arrival.’ (full reference, here).


Joolz said...

so cool.
such a great name.

Guy Merchant said...

I like it, too. It's got all the best features of a museum and none of the worst!