Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fishtank blogs

my mate
The reflective practice masters course I’m teaching seems to have a lot of potential. (I forgot to take my camera so I can’t show a picture of the group - so you'll have to make do with Prescott-in-Marmite). On Saturday we introduced blogging as a way of recording ‘reflection-in-action’ field notes. Probably most of the blogs will be fishtank blogs, published within our VLE and only accessible to that particular community. I’m slowly coming round to the idea that that’s OK – it’s not really dumbing down blogging, it’s just narrowing the one-to-many dimension to one-to-some, and doing that for a particular purpose. I’m interested in the take-up. Of course doing this means that I’ve had to open another blog. Hey Ho! We’ve also got a use for another piece of software (I can’t publish the details yet) – but the inter-sessional task is to post a picture of one’s own teaching/learning space. I can’t wait for the final results!


Aigburthvale said...

Speaking as one of the inhabitants of the fishtank.....this all sounds very mysterious. Can't wait for the next installment, Regards Wanda

Anonymous said...

How about fish who have more than one space? all inhabited equally? I do! as I swim upstream.Would you like more than one place photographed? Regards from 'The Salmon of knowledge' - who learned how to use the anonymous button on Saturday ha ha ha

Guy Merchant said...

Just one image is all that's needed, Wanda.