Monday, November 06, 2006


Autumn lane
I must have been out and so I missed this: ‘Meet the Bloggers’ (anyway you can listen again). And then I promised a group of students some blogging links, so here we go! This is Will Richardson’s Weblogg-ed, Ken Stein’s Teacher Blog. And then there’s Edublogs, and Sandaig Primary. You could also look at Barbara Ganley’s and many others. (Here’s a Flickr-based discussion group, from Dr Joolz.) And, here’s our very own Andy, and also his travel blog. At the end of the day, let’s campaign to keep blogging pleasurable, purposeful and powerful. So it’s always good to read Colin and Michele’s chapter, first: 'Weblog Worlds and Effective and Powerful Writing' (in Travel Notes). Worra lorra links!!!

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