Friday, January 27, 2006

Colin comes a cropper

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There’s a moving account of Colin’s predicament over here – it made me realize how the blog’s not the best medium for offering emotional support. Couldn’t think what I could post that would communicate my concern; a shortcoming in our glocalized networks, I reckon. Anyway I hope he’s comfortable, coping, and wish him a speedy recovery.

In looking up something else, checking a students’ reference I think, I stumbled on Jennifer over here. A nice serious photograph, I must say. And finally, because it’s Friday and I got nearly everything done, here’s a useful gadget I’d probably use when reading in the bath. [Confession, yes, I read in the bath!]


Colin and/or Michele said...

Many thanks, Guy. Slow and sore progress, but it's neat to know you're out there. Great blog, fella. Wanna write for me too? A big hug from the horizontal one.

Colin and/or Michele said...

Thanks for the sympathy Guy--as you can guess, Colin doesn't take well to enforced rest... I just love the reading-in-the-bath gadget! I can see it being put to much wider uses as well--like, reading while cooking, while out walking, reading while hanging onto a bus or train strap or rail (all of which I do do), and, for the foolhardy, reading while driving (which I don't do--let's face it, my driving needs all the help it can get!) and regularly see happening on the Garden State Parkway here in New Jersey. And reading in the bath is one of my all-time favourite things to do. I haven't had much success with reading in the shower though....