Thursday, January 05, 2006

Precious, unrelated stuff


I was interested to find this BT resource that helps primary and secondary school teachers to get into podcasting. These look like great ideas and all you need is an i-Pod or other MP3 and a good connection. I’d like to know who’s interested in trying this out, it sounds great!

Unrelated, I know, but also interesting is this paper: "Skater girlhood and emphasized femininity: ‘you can't land an ollie properly in heels’" by Deirdre M. Kelly, Shauna Pomerantz and Dawn Currie. Thanks to Rebekah for alerting me to this! ....and today I re-read The Rules of Distraction. There’s something really basic, but fundamentally challenging here and I’m grateful to Dana for bringing it to our attention back in Miami.


Joolz said...

Yes it is such a cool paper; I subscribe to that journal and this paper is truly funky.

Joolz said...

Ah yes, above I was referring to the skaiting article. And now I have read The Rulesof Distraction .. some synchronicity here with my post on DrJoolz today... must be the New Year. But there are important points to be made about multi-tasking, procrastinating and the positives of surfing.

Guy Merchant said...

I like the idea of back-channelling discussions in the Rules of Distraction. I'm sure that doesn't go on at my place (yet) - I don't know how I'd react if it did!