Monday, January 30, 2006

Half melon/all gone

half melon

Raw food…and it tasted so good! I finished reading Hello World tonight (in the bath, since location is so important). I really enjoyed the hybridity of personal account, story and fact. It was also uncanny that I’d made some of the same virtual and actual journeys. Was the book just another liberationist cyborg manifesto I wondered? Maybe. Maybe and why not? The book extends into a blog here, so that’s good. Anyway, many thanks to litrate for bringing it to my attention in the blogosphere. And by the way, here’s litrate’s wonderful photoset on text as litter… or is it litter as text? It’s rubbish anyway (:grin:) !


Joolz said...

Life in the raw as usual from Guy.
As I know you love all things cyber
I have tagged you with the four things meme.

Guy Merchant said...

Thank you. A considered response will be published on Wednesday evening.