Wednesday, January 11, 2006

On the wall


The trouble is that we've got middle-aged men in stripy ties erasing messages in public spaces rather than doing the decent thing and staying at home or getting on with a job (which in this case is quite an important one). Why should stripies be allowed to get away with it - where's their sense of respect?


Joolz said...

Ha!! Yes I was going to blog about this... but in my apathy did not. Thank heavens I could rely on you. I notice Mr Blair referred to this as graffitti (sp?) rather than streetart. Different camps.
Incidentally I dreamed of Tony last ight. he rode a unicycle round my house (which n the dream was bigger.)

Mary Plain said...

I nearly blogged this too but was also too apathetic (or perhaps lazy) so thank you Guy.

(Joolz, if that is a typical dream you need help.. )